Inspiration and Stories: Australia

Oz is my adopted home, and while there's much to enjoy about its cities and towns, it's the Australian bushland that keeps me spellbound. Gondwanaland transported intact into the 21st century, it's older, wilder, weirder and just plan more fantastic than you can imagine. Home to one of Earth's most ancient indigenous societies, it's also a serious culture trip, and the country has a real way of drawing you in and making you want to explore.

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Australia: the northern territory


"falls, rocks, crocs"

“Mate, I've set the traps at Maguk – I wouldn’t swim there.”

Billy was a ranger at Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. I’d run into him on the fourth day of my tour at a pub in Pine Creek, the old gold rush town just outside the park’s southern border.
“You see, freshies, they’ll just take a bite out of you.” He was holding forth on crocodiles, and paused to drag on a cigarette. “But the salties, they won’t just kill you – they’ll stalk you to kill you.”

It wasn’t an idle threat.