Zhongdian, the city in northwestern Yunnan province cynically rebranded as 'Shangri-La', is a giant construction zone like so much of the rest of China. The Old City was largely destroyed in a fire in early 2014, and while much of the northern part of the Old City has been rebuilt, the southern end of the quarter remains a warren of half-finished buildings and half-laid streets, making it easy to see how manufactured the experience of Shangri-La's 'Old City' really is. That said, I can't be too hard on Zhongdian, with its backdrop of snowcapped mountains. Even if it's manufactured and touristy, the Old City is still an incredibly pleasant place to wander, and this is the first real stop on the Yunnan tourist trail where you can experience a bit of actual Tibetan culture, being the jumping-off point to the Tibetan Plateau itself. There's dancing in the streets at night (somehow all the locals seem to know the steps) and some very picturesque temples and what I'm told is the world's largest prayer wheel, though such designations are nearly always apocryphal. If you're interested in Tibet and Tibetan culture start your trip in Shangri-La, don't end it here. But for an accessible peek and a pleasant place to spend a few days, you could certainly do much worse.