Adventure Travel has just run my piece on the rugged Vicentina and Alentejo coast of southwestern Portugal. Take a look at the piece and original photography from the walk below.

"This is Europe’s Empty Quarter – the southwestern-most corner of the continent, containing nearly a third of Portugal’s landmass but less than a tenth of its population. In the celebrated tourist city of Lagos, down on the south coast, I’d be bumping up against bar touts advertising cheap drinks and live DJ sets. Here, there’s nothing, no one – nothing but the extreme, wild, shattered edge of Europe itself, towering cliffs broken and folded like mementos of catastrophe on an unimaginable scale, swallowed and emerging, again and again, into and from the relentless sea. The wind is a presence in the night all around me like a thing enraged. I really need to get under shelter..."

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