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'The Charm of Kham' Published in Action Asia Magazine

My friends in Hong Kong have just run a feature of mine about bikepacking the spectacular Kham region of Tibet. I loved riding here (scary and difficult though it sometimes was), and can very highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cycle-touring destination that’s a bit off the beaten path!


'The Map is not the Territory' Published in Wild Magazine


I’m really excited to have my first piece run in Wild Magazine, this a longer and very different version of my tale of backpacking Australia’s (appropriately) wild Northern Territory.

“Every cubic meter of air in the Northern Territory’s Top End contains roughly 8,132 flies. I know this because I am in it, at ground level and 160% humidity, the flies feeding on the sweat of my face and arms and legs, with the backs of my hands and the tops of my thighs already blistered by days of sunburn. I’ve seen this place before at 1:500,000, down off the Reynolds River 4WD Track and another 100km east towards the no-horse settlement at Grove Hill, but then it was all academic, studying the map back home with anticipation and thinking, “Ah, 115km isn’t too bad for a day.” But that was the map, and, as Polish scholar Alfred Korzybski’s famed dictum states (perhaps more literally in this case than he ever intended it), the map is not the Territory…

Australian Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended in Three Categories

Australian Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended in Three Categories

Australian Photography Magazine’s 2018 Photographer of the Year Competition has just been announced, and I’m pleased to have had my entries in three categories (Travel, Landscape, and Wildlife and Animal) awarded as Highly Commended from a strong field of entrants. The competition is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and it’s an honour to be so recognised. A full list of winners is available here.

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'Osh and the Edge' Kyrgyzstan Feature PUBLISHED on

'Osh and the Edge' Kyrgyzstan Feature PUBLISHED on has run a feature of mine, titled ‘Osh and the Edge’ on the attempt to pioneer a bikepacking route over the Alai Mountains in southern Kyrgyzstan. Covering the topics of adventure and adventure-travel writing, it’s a look at the sometimes beautiful and sometimes stupid and dangerous ways in which we’re driven to find our limits.

Give ‘Osh and the Edge’ a read here if you’re curious!

Osh to Sary-Mogul-6123.jpg




It's been a hectic three or so months since I returned to Sydney from Llandeilo, Wales (an incredible spot, pictured above). With my sabbatical year wrapped up I've been busy at home with projects in Oz, but am finally managing to get caught up on updating the website, the work on which is nearly always in arrears!

In any case, I've updated a few things on the site, including my Muru Cycles Mungo review, and getting up my articles for destination inspiration in China, Tibet and Central Asia; Europe and Australia.

Take a look around, and as always drop me a line if you have any questions or comments!

Published: 'A Walk on the Wild Side' (Adventure Travel Magazine)


Published: 'A Walk on the Wild Side' (Adventure Travel Magazine)

Adventure Travel has just run my piece on the rugged Vicentina and Alentejo coast of southwestern Portugal. Take a look at the piece and original photography from the walk below.

"This is Europe’s Empty Quarter – the southwestern-most corner of the continent, containing nearly a third of Portugal’s landmass but less than a tenth of its population. In the celebrated tourist city of Lagos, down on the south coast, I’d be bumping up against bar touts advertising cheap drinks and live DJ sets. Here, there’s nothing, no one – nothing but the extreme, wild, shattered edge of Europe itself, towering cliffs broken and folded like mementos of catastrophe on an unimaginable scale, swallowed and emerging, again and again, into and from the relentless sea. The wind is a presence in the night all around me like a thing enraged. I really need to get under shelter..."

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